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S Corp Requirements: Start Yours With The S Corp Toolbox

S Corp Requirements: Start Yours With The S Corp Toolbox

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Wondering if electing to become an S Corp can save you money on your taxes?

Small business financial expert and Certified Public Accountant Jamie Trull has created all the resources YOU need to understand how S Corps work, determine your IRS-defensible reasonable salary, accurately calculate your tax savings, elect S Corp status yourself, start running your first payroll, AND help you stay in good graces with Uncle Sam.

This is an amazing resource for those who are considering becoming an S Corp but want to understand their true tax savings and go in eyes wide open.

It’s also perfect for those who have already elected to be taxed as an S Corp but want to make sure to stay in compliance.

As a CPA and Financial Literacy Coach, "How to set up an S-Corp"? is one of the most common topics Jamie gets asked about by business owners looking to save money on taxes.

Get started today for $197.

  Here is what is included in the S Corp Toolbox  

    • Entity Types Video Training Module. This training helps you fully understand what an S Corp is and how it differs from other entity types.
    • All about S Corps Training Module. we’ll dive deeper into just S Corps and explain the requirements, etc. for maintaining one.
    • S Corp Checklist that will also show you how to utilize the other resources within the Toolbox. Keep all the requirements and steps straight when becoming an S Corp.  We’ve created an easy-to-follow checklist that includes links to all the resources you will need to both set up your S Corp and stay in compliance. You won’t know what you would’ve done without it!
    • S Corp vs. LLC Decision Guide. This handy reference guide will help you understand the detailed advantages and disadvantages of each entity type and help you decide which may be best for you.
    • S Corp vs. LLC Calculator and Selector. We walk you through a detailed and accurate calculator that can estimate your total tax liability and savings and compare entity types. No more inaccurate back-of-the-envelope calculations. Jamie has simplified a detailed calculator that accountants use so that you can do your own scenario calculations quickly and easily! This calculator even takes into account the Qualified Business Income Deduction (most other calculators available do NOT).
    • Reasonable Compensation Calculator. You can use this calculator to estimate your reasonable compensation! This calculator is available in both Excel and Google Sheets versions and is SUPER easy to use!  Estimating your reasonable salary is key to being able to accurately calculate your S Corp tax savings.
    • How to Elect to be Taxed as an S Corp Guide. Let’s get tactical!  How can you actually make this election? Filing an S Corp election can be intimidating if you’ve never done it, so we walk you through how to do it correctly and for FREE.
    • Payroll Guide for S Corp Owners. For new S Corps, setting up and running payroll for the first time can be intimidating.  Our Payroll Guide tells you everything you need to know to get payroll set up and running quickly, as well as requirements like worker’s comp and unemployment insurance. Plus, we help you determine what the right software is for you!

You will also get these Bonuses with the Toolbox

  • How to file S Corp Tax Extension. Has the S Corp filing deadline passed? I walk you through how to file your own S Corp Tax Extension.


 What sets this Toolbox Apart?

A simple consultation with an accountant can cost you hundreds of dollars an hour, PLUS fees related to estimating tax savings and reasonable compensation. AND if you decide to elect S Corp, you’d pay them more to make the election for you and set up your owner payroll. This can easily add up to $2,000 or more.

With the S Corp Toolbox, you can do ALL of this yourself! Plus, we have included training modules and resources to empower yourself to make the best decisions for your business.

Using the S Corp Toolbox has other benefits too.

Aside from being a much more affordable solution than consulting with your typical accountant, our tools will give you an accurate and totally unbiased recommendation related to your entity type. You can do this in your own time, without having to sit on the phone with an accountant or play email tag.

We know that at times, some (though not all) accountants can advocate for S Corp status earlier than you may really need it, in part because they can profit off of the extra filing and compliance fees you’ll pay them.

Additionally, some accountants will give extremely high estimates of how much an S Corp is saving you, when in fact the true savings may be lower when all factors are considered. As our company does not provide 1:1 accounting or tax filing services, we have nothing to gain from making an S Corp recommendation to a company that may not be quite ready.  

You can trust Jamie Trull and her team at Balance CFO LLC to have your best interest at heart!

Here are some popular FAQs about the S Corp Toolbox

Is the S Corp Toolbox right for me?

If you are considering becoming S Corp but aren't sure if it would have any tax savings, the S Corp Toolbox is perfect for you. 

Is this going to be boring?

Look, we know the finance stuff can be a bit...well...stuffy. We strive to do things differently than most CPAs out there...and WAYYYY less painfully.

We don't do jargon here...we are all about easy-to-digest resources that are PRACTICAL and TO THE POINT. 

How long will this take to complete?

Is time an issue? I get it! I've designed this program to be extremely step-by-step and streamlined. In fact, it's possible to review all of the resources provided in 1.5 hours or less!  

The S Corp Checklist is the best place to start, and it will quickly and easily walk you through exactly how to use all the tools in the Toolbox quickly and efficiently so you can make some decisions and move on with life!

Is there a refund policy for the S Corp Toolbox?

We want you to be happy with your purchase, therefore we have a satisfaction guarantee on the product.  For more information, see our full terms and conditions here:


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Small Business Owner
Thanks a Million!

This product was worth every penny! For someone who loves to DIY their finances, this was the extra knowledge that I needed to feel empowered on my businesses's finances! You can quote me on that!

Hey there! We're absolutely thrilled to hear that! DIY and empowerment are a match made in heaven, and we're so glad the 'S Corp Toolbox' could be a part of your financial journey. And guess what? We just might take you up on that quote offer! #DIYFinanceGuru

Saved Me!

"Prior to this, I had been considering changing to an S Corp taxation but I realize that I am not making enough net profit to consider this change."

Hi there! It's fantastic to hear that the 'S Corp Toolbox' helped provide clarity on your business journey. Remember, every business has its unique path and timing. Here's to making informed decisions that best suit your venture! #KnowledgeIsKey #YourBusinessYourPace

So Helpful!

It is super helpful. I wish I had had access to this back in 2009 when I first was trying to navigate this scary process allalone.

Hello! Oh, how we wish we could've been your guiding star back in 2009! But we're thrilled the 'S Corp Toolbox' is lighting the way for you now. No more solo adventures in the business maze; we've got your back! #BetterLateThanNever #NavigatingTogether

I wish I had this earlier!

The clear explanation of LLC and S corp. Gosh -- I wish I knew this when I was advised to do an S corp WAY before it made sense to do it -- I lost money on listening to the 'pros', Ugh!

Hey there! We totally get it - navigating the LLC and S-Corp maze can be tricky! So glad our 'S Corp Toolbox' could shed some clarity. Remember, every experience is a lesson, and now you're armed with knowledge for the future! Here's to making informed decisions and no more 'ugh' moments! #KnowledgeIsPower

Christina Springstead
All the Info in One Place!

Education is so important in your business compliance, and this presents the most important things you need to know being a business owner in an easily digestible way!

Hey there! We're over the moon to hear that the 'S Corp Toolbox' was your trusty sidekick during your transition from LLC to S-Corp! Piecing together info can be a puzzle, but we're here to make it a fun and educational jigsaw. Cheers to empowered business moves and easy learning! #BusinessBossMoves