Contact Us: FAQS for Our Small Business Tools and Products

FAQs about Power in Numbers Financial Tools For Small Businesses 

How difficult are these tools to use? Will I get lost in confusing jargon and complicated accounting concepts?

Not a chance. Our resources and tools are a jargon-free zone.One goal of Power in Numbers is to ensure that all of our resources are easy to understand, and include tutorials when needed to make sure you can implement the tools in your business from Day 1.

How are the resources and tools delivered? If there are videos do you have closed captioning?
Once you purchase your item, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to access the tools.

For tools with a video component, closed captioning is included.

What’s the difference between Jamie Trull’s businesses: Power in Numbers and Balance CFO, LLC?
Both businesses were founded by Jamie Trull, CPA.

Balance CFO is a financial education business that focuses on selling products created by Jamie Trull.

Power in Numbers will sell financial and legal tools and resources from a variety of different vetted professional vendors. This will allow us to make a wider variety of resources available over time to ensure you can find just what you need on the marketplace!

Is Power in Numbers only for women?
At Power in Numbers, we welcome everyone. That said, a large part of our mission is to help even the playing field for women and commonly marginalized groups who have been statistically underserved. We aim to help magnify the voices of these professionals and their amazing tools for the world to find. Power in Numners will also pledge a portion of its proceeds to give back to causes making a positive impact on these communities.


Do you have a refund policy?

Please refer to our full terms agreements for full details.

Overall, because of the nature of our digital programs we do not offer refunds.
However, our #1 goal is to make sure you feel you've gotten your money's worth (and then some!) from our products. If for any reason you aren't satisfied, we are committing to remedying that in any way we can.

Just reach out to us at and we'll be on call to help you out!


I’m looking for a specific tool you don’t have listed, can you create it?

Over time we plan to build the platform with more amazing resources from financial experts. This will allow us to have a wide variety of products available, including niche-specific tools for a variety of industries. If there are specific tools you’d love to see on the platform, we’d love for you to submit them to our PiNbox.

I’m a Financial or Legal Pro and I would love to sell some resources on Power in Numbers. How can I do that?

We plan to steadily add to our resources over time. Please fill out a Power in Numbers interest form and we’ll be in touch with more information on how to partner with a later date. Please note that we are taking a phased approach to rolling out new resources, so you may not hear from us immediately.


Questions? Send us your questions below.