Financial Resources To Build Profitable Small Businesses

Why Power in Numbers

We envision a world where women are not limited in their entrepreneurial opportunities or income. 

Where women-owned businesses make an equitable amount of total small business revenue and profit. 

Where women have equal access to the support and capital that they need to grow and scale a profitable business while also providing freedom for themselves and their families.

We also envision an inclusive world that gives commonly marginalized groups an opportunity to break free of systemic barriers through entrepreneurship. 

We know that more wealth in the hands of women and commonly marginalized groups is good for families, communities, and the planet.

We know that while money doesn’t buy happiness, it can buy a seat at the table or provide you a foundation to build your own table on.

More women at the table means more power to change the world in positive and meaningful ways. It also means more opportunities for those that follow in our footsteps.      

We believe there is power in numbers, and that amazing things happen when women come together for a common goal…especially when that goal involves shattering long standing glass ceilings.

Power in Numbers was founded by Jamie Trull, owner of Balance CFO LLC,  in 2023.

The Power in Numbers Mission

Our mission at Power in Numbers (PiN) is to support micro business owners, with a special focus on women-owned businesses. We know that many businesses get “stuck” in $50k-$500k revenue zone and struggle to scale past it. This makes it challenging for them to hire adequate help and grow their businesses while also providing for themselves and their families.

Typically customized financial help from qualified accountants, lawyers, and financial advisors can be expensive and cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses. This leaves these small business owners without the quality support they need to successfully scale to the next level.

Power in Number aims to bring trusted, affordable, and easily accessible financial and legal tools and resources from a variety of vetted professionals to the small business owners that need it most.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide quality financial resources and services at a reasonable price to these businesses in order to help them grow and thrive and hit the next level in their businesses.

We know that these small and micro-businesses are underserved in the marketplace, and it can be difficult to find quality, affordable financial and legal help.

As a result, it can be difficult to find assistance that fits the needs and budget of their small business.

Power in Numbers aims to change that by providing affordable and easy-to-use financial tools and resources to these businesses created by top professionals in their field.

This allows small businesses to combine their purchasing power and access quality tools and resources created by top professionals in their fields, without having to pay expensive ongoing service fees.


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